Mistakes Home Sellers Make

When a potential client calls us to evaluate their home and ask us for our professional opinion we share the facts and what the true market value of the home is for their home.  I have complied a list of the BIGGEST mistakes Sellers make when selling their home:


  1. Over priced Home - they are emotional attached to their home and because of the added efforts and work put into it the make this mistake.  A home should be listed at the fair market value for the area.  Alot of buyers buy on emotions too, but pricing a home 20 to 30% more than what the home is worth will scare them away
  2. Showing availablity - if the house can't be shown then how can it be SOLD?  Most buyers are internet savy and will look online prior to buying a home, however pictures do not always seem to be what they are so if you are selling your home limit the restrictions 
  3. Cluttered space - most sellers have accumulated alot of belongings over the year, however when it is time to sell decluttering is one of the most imoprtant things to be done on a home.  The space will look more spacious and more inviting
  4. Unwilling to negotiate - Some sellers are set on their price and will not budge, but all factors have to be taken into consideration such as carrying costs etc.  When listing a home understand what the market vlaue is and add some apce in the price for neogtiations.  Also hiring a stong agent who is a good negotiator is key
  5. Unpleasant odours - pets are part of the family, however they can leave an unpleasant scent in the home so can certain foods.  When allowing showings thru the home open a window to air out the home and light scented candles.  Nothing worst than having a buyer turn away from the home because of the scent
  6. Won't make repairs - if a home is in need of some repairs prior to selling the home it must be done or else you open yourself up for potential buyer to reduce it from the purchase of the home

If you would like more infor about these TOP mistakes home sellers make and are thinnking of selling your home, call upon OUR team and let us show you why we take care of this for you and make the selling process of your home as easy as possible.


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