Moving TIps

The spring is closely approaching or is it?  We have experienced a cold than ever winter and although it has been cold the real estate market continues to be HOT.  With this hot market in place sellers are selling and buyer are buying which means there will be alot of moving done.  I have assemble some moving tips to consider when you have found the "PERFECT" home:

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack - make a commitment to start packing for an hour or two each day a few weeks prior to your move, then moving day won’t seem so stressful and you won’t be up past your bedtime frantically packing the night before.

Purge – How many of us have moved stuff we should probably throw in the trash and eventually do but only once we get in into our new space?   There’s no sense in moving stuff that you don’t use or like anymore – your upcoming move gives you the perfect opportunity to go through all your stuff!

Hire a cleaner – Let’s face facts, moving is stressful.  You work a full time job, you’re a parent and you have too much on your plate! The last thing you want to do is think about is cleaning your new home. So do yourself a favour and cross this off your ‘to do‘ list, you deserve it. 

Hire a moving company – Most of us don’t have a 20 year old son or brother and a group of his friends who will help us out and the last thing you want to do is injure your back before something soft to lie on (ie. your coach or bed) makes it into your new home! 

Use wardrobe boxes for your clothes – We all remember the college years of garbage bags for clothes! By using a wardrobe box, you can simply take the clothes that are hanging in your closet, hang them up in the wardrobe box and then hang them up in your new closet!

Pack a bag of that night’s essentials – Yes, we all start out on moving day ready to go go go, but moving is draining and you may not unpack all your belongings in the same day. So pack a separate bag or box (clearly labeled!) with your toiletries, pajamas and a change of clothes. That way you’ll feel refreshed the next morning when you finish unpacking!

Sit back, enjoy and wait for your complimentary dinner to arrive. We know that you’re moving day is stressful – all of our clients enjoy a dinner – on us!